We are facing a changing reality where children / as living in the era of new technology and modernity, otherwise, the education system does not seem to be affected by these changes and remains a traditional system.

The family model has diversified, and many women have joined the labor market traditionally made one of his roles was to help children / as with their homework. Given these realities are changing the institutions do not have the ability to respond to emerging needs such as increasing demand tutoring.

In recent years, in the town of Sant Boi, there was a growth in demand of school support and where municipal services that respond to these needs, have been overwhelmed with long waiting lists.

Faced with this growing demand, Ibn Rochd intercultural association has decided to respond to this demand explicit by the citizens of Sant Boi, giving priority to families with low income.

Moreover, taking into account the diversity of students and different ways of learning acquisition, the task of creating a space in which children can work based on their interests and experiences arises, having a personalized follow-up in small groups where different professional and voluntary / will help them acquire the necessary knowledge for better academic development.

  • Improve the capacity and the acquisition of basic skills.
  • Contribute to the prevention of school failure and improving academic performance of students.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of habits of organization and constancy in work, learning techniques of intellectual work and learning strategies.
  • Enhance their personal and social self-esteem, strengthening their educational development.
  • Increasing academic expectations of participants in the project.