One effect of globalisation has been creating partnerships with high wealth coexistence and diversity, it is a transformation that has led to the union of markets, societies and cultures. Knowledge and mastery of languages allows access and meeting other cultures and customs favorings respect for other communities, broadening the horizons of knowledge and experience and at the same time, facilitating inter-relationships.

Knowledge of foreign languages is a growing need in today, society generated by the increase in international relations and the demands in professional fields by the current socioeconomic system.

Within hours offered by the education system they are not sufficient for comprehensive acquisition of knowledge of the English language, therefore ASIR is committed to offering a complementary alternative to the few hours of the subject of English in today's educational system, giving priority to families with low income, a fact that does not allow children / as economically disadvantaged families have equal opportunities to comprehensive alternative education to strengthen their professional academic and personal development.

English is a universal language that facilitates interpersonal and professional interaction. Thus, the association committed to education foreign language in a fun and entertaining way. Consequently, we are concerned that students acquire and enrich their vocabulary in order to acquire some advanced communication skills in the English language.

  • Learning a new language so playful interactive
  • Acquire new language skills that favor the use of English.
  • Have equal opportunities to access alternative non-formal education.
  • Complement and reinforce academic development of students.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge that facilitates interpersonal interaction.