The good reception of newcomers to Catalonia can make the first step to a good inclusion in the welcoming society. Catalonia historically was and is a land of welcome people with different backgrounds. Therefore, the intercultural association Ibn Rochd commitment to language learning as one of the most important factors for better inclusion of newcomers. Mastery of the language of the welcoming country facilitates communication and integration breaking the communication barrier.

The classes are aimed at adult newcomers to the town of Sant Boi and want to obtain a certificate of Catalan and Castilian. It should be borne in mind that language certificates is one of the prerequisites for accessing and obtaining residence permit in the territory, as set out in the immigration law and the law first reception of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

  • Facilitate the learning of the Spanish language and culture host.
  • To publicize the various municipal services that all citizens have access.
  • Promote social and labor inclusion.
  • Promote equal opportunities.
  • Work to publicize the culture of the host society.
  • Encourage collective participation in cultural activities.
  • ivel de alfabetización básico de lengua Castellana
  • First level of Spanish language
  • basic level of Catalan.