As every year, the association offers the public different specific activities in which children / as, youth and adults have the opportunity to participate, training and interaction generated by these proposals of the association help to generate even mutual learning.

  • Celebrating different popular festivities taking advantage of the different activities of the association with children such as:

           – La Diada de Sant Jordi

           – La Castanyada

           – El cagatió

           – El carnaval

           – Talleres de ocio y excursiones

  • Talk about road safety education by the municipal police.
  • Talks on cybersecurity.
  • Talks held by a Magistrate on gender violence
  • Talks on Talks on Inter-religious Dialogue..
  • Acts of presentation of books from different writer’s nationals and internationals.
  • Celebration of World Poetry Day with the participation of different writers.
  • Tribute acts for different personalities who are committed to inclusion and integration of cultural minorities, giving them a voice and empowering them to better inclusion in society.
  • Participation in the solidarity day partner Barca's Camp Nou with youth football team.