t is one of the most sought-school sports activities for students in schools and colleges, as a complementary activity.

The importance of sports extracurricular activities to carry a healthy lifestyle is increasingly significant, Although extracurricular activity football is considered a sport, its practice is considered very beneficial as it not only stimulates the physical development of students, but also stimulates cognitive development and certain values such as teamwork and strategies, what are fundamental for students.

Moreover, it is suitable to teach basics of life, such as friendship or the importance of the effort to achieve a common good.

The association is considered a good way socialize and teaching positively, the reward for a job well done team.

Parents are another of our motivations, we consider their participation an essential part in this project. They are the party with ultimate responsibility for the development of children and we want to make them part in all phases to achieve the objectives described in the next section.

  • Educating students on participation and equality.
  • Promote communication and coexistence among participants.
  • Strengthen and develop the capacity of group work.
  • Form student autonomy outside the home.
  • Offer as quality service partnership with our collaboration.
  • Involvement of families in personal and social development of their children.
  • Build camaraderie and participation enhancing collaboration among students without competitiveness, using primarily the dialogue.
  • Promote friendship, relationship and fun through education.
  • Learn to develop leisure activities and new forms of dynamic, valuing the natural and social world around them. 
  • Form a football academy accessible to girls and children with economic difficulties.
  • Promote an inclusive sport with local and foreign players.
  • Encourage and improve parent-child relationships through joint activities for both.
  • Create a familiar and participatory environment.
  • Promote inclusion and integration between different parts of society.
  • Cause joy and new experiences in children at an early age.
  • Encourage girls and boys to study using sport as a motivation.