Our association collaborates with various entities of the City of Sant Boi de Llobregat each year to organize the celebration of Iftar (Meal which breaks the daily fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan).

Event attendees share a day of reflection on the importance of peace, coexistence and respect for other cultures and religions. also shares an Iftar with sacred music with the aim of contributing to intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, the encounter between communities and mutual knowledge of the neighbourhood.

The celebration of Iftar as each year has been increasing the number of participants and generated a critical quite positive, with the involvement of the City of Sant Boi in an act of great dimensions and with impeccable organisation with the help of many volunteers.

The event is free and open to all citizens to complete the capacity of the room. In 2019 they attended by over 280 people.

  • Promote the exchange and interaction and mutual understanding between different cultural minorities and the local population.
  • Share festive elements in a context of coexistence, exchange and citizenship
  • Introduce aspects of Muslim holidays as well as a minority and this act is unique and singular in City of Sant Boi
  • To publicize the cultural values of the Muslim religion in the public and promote the sacred and Arabic music.
  • Create an ambient of interculturality, respect and connivance.
  • Promover en nuestra ciudad Sant Boi como ciudad de convivencia y de la tolerancia.
  • Promote our city as a city of Sant Boi coexistence and tolerance, fostering social cohesion.