On 8 March, it is already a consolidated to reflect on women's rights date. It is an opportunity to increase support for the rights and participation of women, claiming the right to freedom and equality between women and men, not to be discriminated against, excluded or abused. Visualize the invaluable contribution of women throughout history in all social spheres and to continue efforts to promote, guarantee the exercise of their rights and demand changes in social values and attitudes.

Moreover, roles and gender stereotypes historically assigned to women and men have a key role in the division of labor that still determines access and permanence of women in the professional field.

These roles and stereotypes accentuate in women of foreign origin, and this discrimination and invisibility of women in the workplace, since in the territory there are few that can act as reference figures for other women.

For them, it is necessary to make visible women of areas, cultures, different countries and improvement processes, to have represented the reality of the municipality and the diverse reality of the attendees. Therefore, since the entity is to perform as part of International Women's Day, a recognition of women who have dedicated their lives to their profession and encourage one way or another our society.

  • Publicize the struggle and overcoming women in the workplace.
  • Claim the right to effective equality between women and men.
  • Recognise and publicize the role of indigenous women and foreign-born having as link feminism and the struggle for equality.
  • Breaking prejudices and stereotypes linked to the figure of women from other cultures
  • Promote equal opportunities in the workplace