The association aims commitment to citizen participation as an essential element in the contribution of a common life between immigrants and locals, creating community spaces. While effective opportunities to participate and exercise their citizenship rights are not achieved, the association try to be an element of integration and creating spaces for intercultural coexistence.

The participation of the entity in Fira purísima, is become a participatory act giving visibility to our social action in the town of Sant Boi. Also, we create recreational spaces for citizen interaction through dynamic and engaging activities for the participating public at Fira, in order to publicise our organisation and encourage participation, interaction and social action in the 3-day of the event.

  • Inform the public about the goals and purposes of the association.
  • Create recreational spaces of interaction for children throw walk around the Fira.
  • Encourage citizen participation and interaction between people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Breaking stereotypes, prejudices and promote coexistence and interaction.