The rapid expansion of the New Technologies of Information and Communication in all spheres of society, has made many of the young people have it at their disposal at very early ages. Because of this early entry into social networks and cyberspace, many young people only dominate some use of NTIC and some specific tools, but they need to have a broader and comprehensive critical view taking into account the inherent dangers that can arise in these.

The small screen, often creates dependency because of its misuse and, secondly, comes to steal limelight from the more personal relationships. Therefore, our association intends to improve the use of ICT, promote critical and responsible use of technological tools, avoid risky situations currently affecting many young people, such as cyberbullying, sexting, extremism and grooming. In this way, ICT will not be tools of social reproduction but resources for transformation.

The purpose of the course is that young people learn to prevent, detect, work and denounce the different hazards that are currently found on the Internet and social networks. It is very important that, together, accompany the new generations in the process of learning to use them properly taking advantage of the facilities and opportunities they offer, but also raising awareness of the risks they may incur.

  • Inform young people of cyber-crimes that occur on the network
  • Learn how to detect and how to act against computer crimes and harassment networks.
  • Awareness and avoid risks in social networks
  • Create a strong digital identity
  • Prevent identity and personal information theft.