At present, schools have standardised the use of information technology for the production of school materials and delivery of academic papers using existing office automation tools in computer operating systems, but if you look at the subjects of schools mandatory age there is no explicit teaching management of these tools, assuming knowledge and management by the students of these tools.

Therefore, the association and with the help of experts in field of information technology and office automation provides a specific course to introduce students the proper use of tools such as operating systems or computer suites, surfing the Internet for safe, use the benefit of the Cloud, and office suites for their academic papers.

The course is aimed at children under 16 years. Mainly students without computer or zero computer knowledge.

  • Learn basics of Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Meeting and working with office suites like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and Google Docs.
  • Have basic knowledge of the Internet.
  • Have basic knowledge of the Internet.
  • Learn the concept of Cloud and profits.
  • Have knowledge of antivirus and utilisation.
  • Provide tools for safe navigation network (social networks, mobile, etc.)