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Ibn Rochd Intercultural Association is an apolitical entity, nonprofit and nationwide. We work on issues of dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, multiculturalism, social assistance with cultural character to the foreign population and to facilitate their integration into the host society. Also, we promote cultural and sports activities promoting volunteerism especially among young people.
Ibn Rochd is an Arabic word that refers to Averroes in Spanish (Córdoba, 1126 - Marrakech, December 10, 1198), he was a philosopher, physician, lawyer and astronomer in Al-Andalus.

More about us

  1. Reinforce the values and culture of dialogue, tolerance, non-discrimination to help reach a good model of coexistence.
  2. Promote equal rights and opportunities for all human beings.
  3. Contextualize the actions of the partnership in a spirit of solidarity, respect and intercultural enrichment
  4. Promote mediation as a peaceful solution to the problems of coexistence.
  5. Give a social assistance with cultural character to the immigrants and refugees, helping their integration into the host society
  6. Promote cultural and sporting activities especially among youth
  7. Promote linguistic and cultural exchange.
  1. Encourage volunteerism and social participation, especially among young people
  2. Seek solutions to the needs of young people and develop strategies for the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  3. Maintain relations with national and international organisations that share similar objectives to facilitate the exchange of information, experience and research on coexistence.
  4. Develop and express opinions on social issues in general and on aspects related to coexistence in particular. Developing the values that shape the culture of peace and human rights and conflict management.
  5. Develop own and collect materials for dissemination and exchange, resources, materials and experiences of interest that have been implemented effectively in the work for a living.
  6. Encourage the use of Information Technology and Communication for coexistence, launching discussion forums, websites, blogs or any other instrument that contributes to work for coexistence.
  7. Realize coeducational actions aimed at participation in all areas.

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The Intercultural Association Ibn Rochd is a non-profit, national and non-profit organisation that operates thanks to the financial contribution of people like you, who believe in our work.